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Total Transformation Through Service

By Eddie R.


I started this journey not knowing where I would end up. One thing I knew is that I needed treatment and I had to get away from the city lifestyle I survived. Sleeping outside where I can lay my head and find safety was a daily challenge.


I always felt my life was over if I continue to live this way. Day after day just to get the next one was it. Eating once a day, not taking care of my personal looks, and the same outfit for a week or more was the look I got comfortable with.


My journey has landed me here at THRIVE. The opportunity to be a part of something positive serving the community. Seeing people smile and laugh here reminds me that recovery is possible. Especially feeling safe in this environment goes a long way.


All I can say is that THRIVE has opened new doors for me. Given me a new path in my life today.  No more shameful days and nights. I can look in the mirror now and see the man I am supposed to be.