Honk If You Love THRIVE Everywhere!

May 29, 2024

Thrive Blog Van

When someone mentions the word Van, where does your mind go?

As a child of the 70’s and self-proclaimed cartoon connoisseur, I would have to say,
the iconic Scooby Doo van, AKA, the Mystery Machine. This vintage piece of 70’s
nostalgia was driven by the dreamy, blue-eyed and blonde-haired, Fred Jones. Every
Saturday morning, my little brother and I would hunker down in front of the television
with a huge bowl of Honeycombs and watch the mystery solving group of meddling
teens and their dog, Scooby Doo drive around in style.


Next up for me would be the bad-ass, bullet proofed, red pin striped van from the 80’s
TV series, The A-Team. This thing had an artillery closet, audio surveillance
equipment and even a mini printing press. If that wasn’t cool enough, it was driven by
none other than one-time bodyguard and Rocky III antagonist, Mr. T. I pity the fool
that got in the way of that guy and his mohawk.

Lastly and, least on my list these days for obvious reasons – cough cough – is the
smoke laden Cheech and Chong mobile. With its sick paint job and hidden low-rider
hydraulics, this thing rolled around town causing confusion wherever it went. To be
honest, I’m not sure how they were even able to see the road.

Why am I waxing poetic about the days of yore and these iconic vans?

Because I’ve saved the best for last.

The mother of all transport has finally rolled up to the big stage. A few weeks ago, we
took receipt of the one and only, brand new, THRIVE Everywhere van!

MTV’s Pimp My Ride would have been jealous because this baby is tricked out
beyond belief.

It has a 6ft awning to provide some cool summer shade. It’s equipped with a coffee
machine, fridge, printer, Wi-Fi and an external generator to power just about any
outdoor activity you can think of. It also has space for us to provide free one on one,
recovery coaching services, Narcan training and enough storage to house our cornhole
boards, giant recovery Jenga and a ton of other fun stuff we plan on hauling around
this summer to a location near you.

THRIVE Everywhere has always worked hard to provide fun, exciting and most
importantly, sober events to everyone on Long Island. It doesn’t matter what season it
is; we will always have your collective backs.

This van is a game changer. It gives EVERYWHERE a whole new meaning.

The van has already been on the move throughout Nassau and Suffolk. You can’t miss
it. It has an eye-popping custom wrap that makes the Partridge Family bus look like a
first-generation minivan.

Make sure you stay alert, check our social media and sleep with one eye open if you
must because the van is coming your way this summer!

So, if you see us out and about, be sure to give us a BEEP! BEEP!

All THRIVE Everywhere events are listed on the THRIVE website.

Jason Mayo
THRIVE Everywhere Peer Advocate