Peace and Gratitude

Feb 13, 2024

Peace And Gratitude Thrive Li Ny

It is in the quiet early mornings before I open my eyes that I give thanks and inhale God and exhale peace as I become open to its increase. In those quiet early morning moments and hours, I get the opportunity to concentrate on:

  1. The birds chirping outside my bedroom window
  2. My labored breathing and health
  3. My gratitude for shelter, hot/cold water, food in my fridge, a massive amount of clothes to pick from, beautiful neighbors/quiet community, job, car, family, friends
  4. My determination to remember to remain focused and in the moment
  5. Release positivity through verbalizing positive affirmations several times each morning
  6. Listen to a spiritual podcast, no news-just the weather report, music

It is the simplest of things and acts of kindness given/received that creates miracles and blessings for me.

Such as a smile, saying hello, especially to the deemed the least, lost and disconnected in our society, opening/holding the door for someone, surprise gifting, random texts, outdoor visitations with the elderly, buying a water or coffee to bless another etc.

Simply being present in the moment, showing sincere compassion freely.

So, each day let us make an effort to be open to give and be our best.

It isn’t always easy but I BELIEVE IN YOU AND WE CAN DO THIS!