Yin Yoga+meditation

Yin Yoga + Meditation

In yin yoga we tune into the sensations of our bodies and our breath to become aware of where we hold onto tension. Our nervous systems have been trained by our habitual movement (ie: sitting hunched over for long periods of time) and emotional mind states (stressed, worried, etc) our bodies begin to feel locked up and we can feel that we have lost range of motion in joints and our sense of flexibility. Our minds may feel foggy, emotions overwhelming, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities dimmed. Slowing down with yin helps us sense these constrictions in the body mind. When we give ourselves time and watch how our breath affects the body in these shapes, we re-train the nervous systems to help us relax and feel calmer while gaining a greater sense of flexibility and ease. This class is FREE and open to everyone ages 18+. Pre-registration is required, sign up through Eventbrite here.


Apr 25 2024


6:30 pm

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